Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016

Hello everyone, I have recently started summer speech services in the school. An OCEAN theme is what I settled on this summer, because who doesn't want to be beaching it somewhere.  If you are like me, with all the time and budget constraints, we need easy, quick, and cheep!!!!

Today's lesson is centered around the book 


We used the bulletin board paper to create giant squids with our speech or language target written on them.

So for articulation I wrote a target sentence on the squid head, and the target word on the tentacle.  To get multiple targets while using a craft, I have the kiddo earn each piece of the craft by producing between 10 and 20 targets.  So each eye = say 10, each tentacle, say 10.  Same for language, I have them answer 5-10 Wh questions, antonyms, etc. 
PREP Materials:
1a.  GET THE BOOK, from the school library or AMAZON link above
1b.  I used bulletin board paper, eye balling about 6 inches wide or so cut for   each student.
2.  For tentacles, I used bulletin board paper also,eyeballing about 1 inch or   so.
3.  Eye balls, draw on printer paper, haphazard sizes cut them out and let the   kiddo pick one eye each turn
4.  glue
5.  For the final step, wrap the squid body around and staple for your little along the back.

Therapy Set-UP
1.  Let kiddo look at ocean theme books on the table {BUT NOT TARGET BOOK} while I do the paperwork {fill out pull-out log and times, document any notes on weekly data sheet of subjective information}

2.  Introduce Target book, theme, have conversation regarding OCEAN, Have you been to one? What do you think lives there?  Have seen TV show or book about the OCEAN. {y'all know this is hard in the digital age for some kiddos}

3.  Have the child predict what the story will be about based on the COVER of the book alone, say let's see if your right.

4.  Read the title, and who the Author is and ask what an author does.  Tell the illustrator and ask what the illustrator does.

5.  Read the Story, IN A SILLY GIANT SQUID VOICE... Ask if this child's predictions based on the cover were correct.

6.  NOW it is time to GET TO WORK:  Tell the child you are going to make a giant squid, but you have to earn the pieces.  Then quickly go into target practice.

7.  Write the other targets on the back of the squid (discuss the steps to making this project, discuss what animals live in the ocean, say the targets 50 times per day ETC..)

8.  Kiddo takes it home, and proudly displays home work... Double DUTY...


JOKE of the DAY by my Daughter:
Q:  What type of hair do SURFERS Have?


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