Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey Guys, I just put together a little speech-language pathology
Each year before school starts, I buy a new 3 ring binder with dividers. I have sections for my caseload, I keep a weekly data sheet on each child with goals and objectives written at top from the IEP, I keep a pull out log a (both of which help me write my medicaid notes at the end of the month), I also keep IEP dates, Reports, and Medicaid information in there.
Believe it or not this system has really helped me keep track of information.  I received a subpeona in the mail last month requesting records from 2008...and luckly I had this system in place...and had access to my records.  So helpful!

It includes a Weekly Data Sheet, Case Load, SOAP note, and a pull out log
in color and black and white.  To Purchase check out
This way you don't have to reinvent the wheel! 

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