Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Articulation Box and Time Sheet Clip Board

Well I've Been Busy
(not doing anything productive - like getting my winter clothes out of my closet....)

After our library had a bag sale of consonants with little trinkets inside of the same initial sound, I decided to make my own ARTICULATION BOX

 now this is not all the English Sounds of the Language but it's a cute start.

I am thinking of doing another one of medial and final sounds. 
I got the box at Hobby Lobby (Christmas Advent Calendar) for 40% off around 8 bucks. 
The Paper Studio Scrapbook Paper
Self-Adhesive alphabet stickers
craft paint
Elmer's Glue

*disclaimer when I first saw this box on Pinterest, I thought it was slightly larger.  It is hard to fit some of my trinkets.  The boxes are about 2 inches.  It still works though...

I also had a (medium) 1.5 inch hole punch but it was too big, It would of been much cleaner work if I had the one inch hole punch.

Then I decided to get rid of my plain brown clip board that I have used for my time sheet, drive time logs for 16 years.  A while back, I tried the mod podge thing, but that didn't work out so well, so this time I decided to buy a translucent clip board from Wal Mart and Ribbon up the top...

I think I'll be smiling this year as I am traveling to my schools on this bright baby!

The last thing I need is to make a crate caddy for my roll on wheels crate I bought last year.  Do Any of you guys have any great travel SLP ideas to haul your stuff. 


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