Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's TASK BOX Time

Task Boxes
A year or so ago I did a make and take training with The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center.  It was one of those awesome trainings where they gave us all the materials (plastic shoe boxes, printables, and manipulatives) to make and take home 10....count em...TEN immediately usable activities...These materials are adapted and are highly structured to increase independence.  They have been sucessfully used with children with Autism and children with significant disabilities.  I have been using the task box system some of my kids lately, I have adapted the idea for a particular student who is in the 10th grade with multiple disabilities - who has also not been particularly independent.
I use a large paint stick with Velcro to attach the symbol cards I want him to complete.  He removes the symbol, takes it to the shelf, matches the symbol to the task box, brings it back to the work area and finally completes the task. 
This has greatly improved his independence. 
I found some Valentine's day word cards on TpT for free, see the links below, then I cut them out and chose the 3, 4, 5 letter words.  His job was to find the capital letters and put them in each box to spell the word.  He did need some cues - he would often say "I can't find it." I would simply say "yes you can, I see one and it is pink or the color of the specific letter." He then was encouraged to keep looking.  I wish you could have seen the excitement in his eyes, clapping and bouncing in his chair when he finished spelling a word.

 It was priceless and full of pride.
you can see a glimpse of the paint stick in the back ground
it usually will have several symbols to complete during the therapy session

I downloaded the February Word Cards from Teachers Pay Teachers FREE.
thanks havefunteaching
Valentine's Day Flash Cards

The OATC Task Box idea here and this one.

I'd love it if you'd leave a comment on ideas of adaptive materials that you have tried and successfully used with your students.  And by all means....Please follow my blog.


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Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

Love, love, love task boxes! So great for improving attention and (as you stated) independence! Also great for giving children more experience with academic concepts in a predictable fashion! LOVE!