Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free Teired vocabulary lessons for popular children's books!

Holy Macaroni BATMAN!
I took in a lot of information today at the REACH 3 common core training today in Norman, OK.  While I continue to process it... did you guys know there is a site called UTAH TEXT TALK made by reading first educators that lists 101 book with tiered vocabulary lessons...OH MY WORD.  The first lesson is for A Bad Case of the Stripes.
Here is an a partial example developed by Elizabeth Moore

Text Talk Lesson for: A Bad Case of Stripes, (David Shannon, 1998)

ISBN: 0439079551

Potential Tier 2 words in the text:

fretting   impress  relieved  extraordinary drowsiness  disaster contagious
announced  prodded  virus  huddled  remedies  sprouted heaping  cured  vanished

Tier 2 words selected for direct instruction:




Step 1: Doing the read aloud of the text with a focus on comprehension.
Read aloud page 1. Show the illustration. Ask the children, “Have you ever been
worried about what other people would think of you?” (fretting)
Read aloud page 2. Ask the children, “What is Camilla’s problem?” Then show the
illustration on page 3.
Read aloud page 4 and show the illustration on page 5.
Read aloud page 6. Show the illustration on pages 67.
Ask the children, “Can you
predict what made Camilla’s stripes change?” “What do you think the other children
will say?”
Read aloud page 8. Ask the children, “Does this confirm our prediction of why
Camilla’s stripes change?” Show the illustration on page 9. Ask, “How does Camilla
feel about all of this?”
Read aloud the first paragraph on page 10. Show the illustration on page 11. Ask the
children, “Why are the other parents afraid to have Camilla around their children?”
“Have you ever gotten sick because of someone else?” (contagious)

ANYWAY I THINK you should check it out.  More to come on my trip this day later.
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Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

EUREKA! I DO NOT know this! Thank you so much for sharing! I NEED to bookmark this site for sure!!! :)

chalk talk speech therapy said...

Thanks Communication Station...love reading your comments.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful reference - thank you! How did I not know about it?