Friday, April 26, 2013


Most of the time when I am conducting speech and language therapy sessions, I look for materials that I can grab and go with.  I made some open ended game boards along with some roll, say and color and/or dab a dot boards that can be used in small group therapy, individual therapy and or literacy centers.  I am making these themes for you so you too can GRAB and GO!

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~ Alicia ~  


Carol said...

I would use this for vocabulary enrichment with students. Thanks for putting it together!!

Cindy L Meester said...

a majority of my caseload are Spanish speakers so this would be perfect !

Sharon said...

These would be perfect for this time of year when planning time is very limited. I like the "grab and go" quality!

Tatyana Elleseff said...

I would use it in therapy as part of educating the children about the holiday