Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Cloud by Eric Carle Activities and a Freebie.

Little Cloud
By Eric Carle has been a favorite for my kids this week.
We have used the story props from Kizclub that had been cut and laminated for matching and story retell.
First I passed out the props to the kids then, we predicted what we thought the story was going to be about using the cover of the book.  I read the story and as I read the the kiddos matched their prop with the page and then put them in order from left to right. 
Next we discussed if our predictions were correct.
Then the littles took turns retelling the story verbally with a pointer trying to incorporate first, next, then and last vocabulary. 
 (we squeezed in very quick, trials of speech sound productions, but not more than 1 trial as not to loose track of the retail)
My littles used shaving cream to make clouds, write their speech sounds in them, and tell each other what their cloud looked like.  They talked about how the shaving cream felt (smooth, sticky, gooey, cold, gross, nasty) and pelt (smelt - for you non speechies!).  They thought I had lost my mind for letting them smear this on the table.
Next week we are going to use these fill in the blanks to make an art/writing cloud on blue paper with white paint (drop white paint on blue paper fold in half - let the littles tell you what their cloud made) and put this on the bottom.  Click on the pic for a FREEBIE. If you download, please follow my blog on the left! Thanks in Advance...
We talked about clouds we have seen, and what they looked like. On a cloudy day, we ran outside and looked at clouds and came back in a filled in this little cloud activity below to use glued to the bottom of the art.  Finally when we tie up the lesson, I am going to try to have a boardmaker or clipart page to send home to let the littles retell the story to their loved ones.
In Case you are wondering how to store all your stuff.  I love to laminate a envelope with a title page then use SHARP scissors to slit open the back and keep all the goodies inside. Click Below for a page with the CORRECT title on it!  Now you can make your own....Please join my blog!!
Make Learning Fun also has some print outs of the story props with letters in small squares to spell out the words with scrabble tiles.  Check it out here.
KizClub story prompts
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Sharon said...

I love the idea of drawing/writing in shaving cream!

Houda B said...

Brilliant !!! Thank you !